about us

formyungsoojung didirikan pada tanggal 11 Desember 2012 (official-nya 12.12.12, supaya keren) oleh myungstal stan Indonesia bagi myungstal stan dan untuk myungstal stan!

Something important about us: we are deeply in love with this 2 ruinners:


cr: soostal

formyungsoojung’s lovely crew:

|| kihyukha (founder, admin, fanfiction author, design crew) || ellaverina96 (admin, fanfiction author, article crew) || Keiriangel_ (admin, fanfiction author, article crew) || jijoon (fanfiction author) || yeolovo (fanfiction author) || Mizuky (admin, fanfiction author) || gsashasl (fanfiction author) || ittiban101 (article crew) || hyerasipica (design crew) || Hyooo (fanfiction author) ||

Hope you can stay and enjoy Myungsoojung world here! Spread our love guys<3


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