Annyeoooonnnggg 😀

Right here, I just wanna  introduce myself~

My cyber and pen’s name is Aikochan, someone gave me this special name so yeah, you can call me with that name or just call my nick-real-name Ocha. I’m 92’s gangsta, I’m old? Y-yeah Ikr T^T </3
Cappucino’s lover, Rapper addict, Sleep alot and dreams more hakhak XD
Coming here as FanFiction’s crew

Anyway, talking about bias… /speechless/ ._.
So many kpop idols that I liked XD
But for now on, I wanna stay to loving my B.A.P only
OTP ofc I L.O.V.E MyungSooJung \m/

Idk why, since I read an FF ‘I realized that I love you’ /coughcough/ I’m syupa addicted with Myungsoo and Soojung *A*
But yeah I’m not an Inspirit nor f(x)’s fan, just like them.. like Infinite and I do like f(x)

Eumm since I don’t have any other account(s) but wordpress, you can chit chat with me here;
–> My Personal Blog

Is it enough? I hope, I can works just as well with another crews and admin here. Sorry for my broken fugly english.. 😀
Papaaaiiiii ^^/

Regards, Aikochan


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