▸  T H E   M A S T E R   O F   H I P S T 3 R Z 

lilbout hipxteur.

          a p ri l   18 t h , 1 9 9 9.    |    1 57  c m.   |   5 0  k g.   |   b l o o d   t y p e   a.   |   y o u r   s w e e t e s t   f o r e i g n e r. 

(  y o u    t h i n k    i  ‘ m    f  r  e  a  k ?  a b s o l u t e l y   y e s.  )


frustrated student. amateur writer. disorderly artworker.
yogyakarta. 10th grade.  Inspirit. Myungtsal hardcore.
editing since 2013. loving blogwalking, design, writing a fanfiction all the way.
hey y’all! i’m Al. nice to know you, how i call you? 

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image how about  my biascheck below. image

 actually  love is just a dumb for me.  

(   인피니트  에프엑스 ┊ 엑소   )

11949856321026402567tasto_9_architetto_f     11949856321026402567tasto_9_architetto_f     11949856321026402567tasto_9_architetto_f        )


`my favourite playtoys.  

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