Howdy~~ Yeolovo in here ^^

Let me introduce my self first ㅋㅋㅋ

I’m Kiki, 95Lines, I love chocolate coffee cola. I’m not an Inspirit, Myungsoo even not my bias, *i’m hoya biased* but I LOOOVEEEEEE MyungSooJung damn much.

Kaeun Yooyoung stan, also in Love with YooYoungjaaaee

I’m f(an) since i saw their LaChaTa music video, its really great to love 5 angels of asia pop dance grup, f(x), if you ask who’s my bias in f(x), i can’t answer, i love all 5 of them, but yes, my ultimate bias is this girl over here


You all can contact me in here :


Na ah, that’s all from me,

Lets Spazzing over Myungsoojung together



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