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Myungstal Perfect Lips by kihyukha

MyungSOOjung’s Children In The Future by kihyukha

December 2012

Top 100 Popular K-Pop Idols’ J-Chart This Week by Choi Jinyeong

f(x) Krystal at Brazil Top 10 Maknaes by Choi Jinyeong

151212 SNSD’s Yoona UFO Reply Mentioned f(x)’s Krystal by Choi Jinyeong

Which Star Seems Like a Chic Ice Princess? [Pops in Seoul] by Choi Jinyeong

211212 Victoria Updated Me2day with Krystal by Choi Jinyeong

201212 INFINITE’s L were Chosen as Ones with The Best Handwriting by Choi Jinyeong

211212 f(x)’s Amber Update Twitter featuring Luna&Krystal by Choi Jinyeong

121227 f(Amber) Updates Instagram with Krytoria Pic by Choi Jinyeong

121222 Krystal at Sichuan TV New Year’s Eve 2013 Concert by ittiban101

January 2013

121227 f(x)’s Victoria Updates Me2day with f(x)’s Krystal by Choi Jinyeong

SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal for STONEHENgE’s New Muses by kihyukha

130108 Myungsoo – SBS Running Man Shooting by kihyukha

f(x) Krystal – Vogue Girl Magazine April Issue ‘13 by kihyukha

Infinite – High Cut Magazine Vol.99 by kihyukha

Krystal – Vogue Girl Magazine May Issue ’13 by kihyukha

INFINITE (L+Hoya+Woohyun) – 1ST LOOK MAGAZINE APRIL ISSUE ’13 by kihyukha

f(x) Krystal – HARPER’S BAZAAR MAGAZINE MAY ISSUE ’13 by kihyukha

f(x) Krystal – Oh Boy! Magazine March Issue ’14 by kihyukha

last update: February 18th, 2014. 19.55


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